So Much To Do, So Little Time

Running a business is not for the faint of heart. There’s never enough time to do all the things that must be done. No matter how hard you work to have enough people, the best processes, and the best time-management, at some point you simply must accept that time is finite and there is too much work. No wonder productivity apps are all the rage! Anything we can do to improve our productivity is welcome indeed.

One of the biggest time-consumers in any jewelry business is sourcing diamonds and gemstones. Whether you’re a retailer or a supplier, if you buy and sell diamonds or color stones, this is taking a lot of your time. From the retail perspective, there’s just no way to stock all the possible diamonds and color stones consumers may be searching for. From a supplier perspective, it’s downright impossible to get your inventory into the hands of all the retailers who may need it.

Or is it?

We all know that trade shows are becoming more and more expensive relative to ROI. And even B2B product sourcing is moving online (each one affecting the other). This isn’t necessarily bad news (unless you’re a trade show producer!). The tools that make consumer shopping so appealing online are also a terrific productivity-enhancer for B2B. Apps, marketplaces, and aggregators simply make life easier for purchasing agents and store managers.

You’re probably already using productivity apps for team projects, task-management, file management, and time-management. But are you using apps to power your core business activities? High-value activities like sourcing, purchasing, and selling can also benefit from productivity tools. 

VDB’s App Improves Productivity

You can use the VDB app to improve your productivity by accessing the Buy, Memo, and Hold features in the app. The Buy feature lets you discuss price and terms directly with the supplier. The Memo feature allows you to send memo requests right through the app and use in-app messaging to stay on top of vendor communications. The Hold feature allows you to put a stone on hold for up to 72 hours, giving that indecisive customer time to figure out what she wants. And all of this comes with the added benefit of seeing if you have ever requested a particular stone before! In fact, this is one of the app’s greatest features — the system retains all your previous searches, saves, and communications, giving you a permanent record of your activities.

So stop running around like a rabbit with a teaparty to attend. Use VDB’s app and platform to increase your productivity, and give yourself the gift of time.

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