Your customer’s buying habits have changed, have you adapted your store to them?

Only those that are willing to adapt and respond to this shift in business-consumer dynamics will triumph.

The way customers shop today has changed.

In order to stay relevant with consumer expectations and competitive with the e-tailers, Retailer’s stores must evolve to meet the changing demands of their clientele that are looking for new shopping experience in the Brick and mortar stores.

Service providers of the past do not understand and adapted their services to today’s Brick and mortar needs and may not be up to the task.

Virtual Diamond Boutique was designed to give independent retailers a way to compete in the changing marketplace. We threw 30 years of diamond and jewelry experience behind the development of the industry’s most flexible, most effective digital all in one sourcing and selling tool – completely FREE for you.


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A virtual way to enhance your inventory with thousands of diamonds and colored gemstones with images and 360 videos turning them into instant sales before having the item shipped to you.

VDB | Virtual Diamond Boutique - Icon Diamond


VDB was designed for the trade as a one-stop digital solution for sourcing, searching and selling diamonds, colored gemstones and jewelry in an easy to use FREE app.

VDB | Virtual Diamond Boutique - Icon Diamond


With a worldwide network, connect directly with suppliers across the globe.

VDB | Virtual Diamond Boutique - Icon Diamond


No fee & no sales commission- negotiate directly with the vendors.

VDB | Virtual Diamond Boutique - Icon Diamond


The perfect integration of the digital and the physical shopping experience for your customers.

VDB makes it ridiculously easy to receive: News, Tips & Industry Advice for Independent Retailers 


Wonderful people, any problem I have had they come true. I have had great experiences with Virtual Boutique in my store, have closed diamond deals, very easy friendly app. I am so happy that I am using it!!

Rose HinzRose Hinz
Hinz Jewelers

For me, the most important feature of Virtual Diamond Boutique is the database of videos and the ease to which I can search for exactly what my customer is looking for. Being able to request diamonds straight from the app and have them delivered to my store is also very convenient. The share feature is very relevant in the world we live in today. All the biggest names in social media are big because they understand that sharing is now part of growing a network and that for me is very important.

Roman-malayev-forever-diamonds-vdbRoman Malayev
Forever Diamonds

VDB is awesome! Amazingly convenient to have all that inventory in my pocket, at any time, anywhere I go! And so easy to set my own markup to show not only pricing to my client, but preview a video of the actual Diamond. I use it much more than I had originally thought!

Bill Becker CEO
Beckers Jewelers

VDB is great! We are using VDB constantly and it’s very helpful! There’s hundreds of thousands of Diamonds and Gemstones available locally and from around the globe. Gaining a lot on diamond inventory investment, since we can see it all on VDB. It’s a great app, easy and free to use. Thanks VDB for your smart intelligent work.

Sam Rosenfeld CEO
Fortunate Jewels

"VDB has quickly become my go-to choice for purchasing custom and stock diamonds. Their intuitive user experience and image-forward display make it very easy to find the best options for what I'm looking for, and showing my customers stones is easier and better than ever. On top of that, I have saved thousands of dollars in a short period of time, due to their competitive pricing structure. Thank you for making my business even better VDB."

Nick Miller,CEO
Mint Diamonds

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