Instant Inventory

Make Your Accountant or CFO Smile. More Inventory, Less Cash Crunch.

Today’s consumers demand choice. And they have more options than ever before, with an abundance of online options as well as retail stores of all kinds. How can you satisfy customers who are looking for a wide selection without investing in a huge amount of inventory?

VDB’s powerful sourcing and selling tools offer a unique solution to inventory management. VDB gives you instant access to hundreds of thousands of diamonds, colored gemstones, lab grown diamonds and jewelry pieces with beautiful images and videos. Because VDB is designed to be used over the counter with customers as a virtual showcase, you can romance products and make the sale without having to have those products in stock.

It’s a win-win for you and your customers. VDB’s engaging interactive interface gives your customers the benefit of choosing exactly what they want from the world’s largest selection, with your help as an expert advisor to guide them through the choices. And you don’t have to invest in inventory because you have the benefit of the entire inventories of all your favorite suppliers at your fingertips. It’s like an instant online trade show where you can find the best choices for your clients exactly when they need it.

It’s a new approach to how to get better inventory turns: creating a network of suppliers to serve your clientele rather than collecting a safe full of expensive inventory waiting for a customer to walk through the door.

The cost of inventor goes beyond the expense of financing it and holding it. Inventory also requires security and insurance. And when it doesn’t sell, you have to discount it or melt it, reducing your overall margin.

When you don’t have to invest heavily in inventory, you can free up your cash flow and increase your profits. You can invest in growing your business rather than growing your inventory.

Join VDB today and you’ll always instantly have the inventory you need right at your fingertips.