The Professional Photography Studio-in-a-Box

Create your own professional quality jewelry photography and videos using your smartphone and VDB Studio. Take photos for a website, photos for social media, webstore photos, jewelry and diamond videos or photos to sell on VDB. The VDB Studio App on your smartphone controls everything from the lighting to automated uploads, no photo training or expensive camera equipment required. Give your inventory to an assistant and in a few hours you’ll have consistent high-quality photos and video of everything. Never worry about photos again!

All available units SOLD OUT. New shipment coming soon.

360° Video And Photos Made Easy

Discover how easy it is to always have video and photos of all your products using VDB Studio. You don’t need any experience or training to give your website photography and social media presence the kind of professional look that communicates your brand and builds trust.

Streamline Photo Management

Organizing, retouching, adding logos, uploading, multiple views: sometimes it seems like managing your photo and video library is even more work than taking the photos! With VDB Studio, photo management, queuing for upload, and retouching are integrated into the image capture process so you’re done in one step. Your photos are always right where you need them.

Features & Benefits

No photo experience or training needed to take professional quality images that promote your brand.
Photo management, uploading, and retouching are integrated into the image capture process so your photos are always ready to go.
Your customers will be able to see all angles of your products, all in focus, perfectly lit, and photogenic from large necklaces to small gems.
Take images and video with your phone, no expensive additional camera equipment required.
Lighting and stages are perfectly adjusted to highlight the beauty of your products.
Add a logo, custom backgrounds, lighting effects and design filters to customize images to express your brand.
Show the accurate hues of colored gemstones, metals and diamonds with the exact amount of light you need for each piece.
Spend your time taking beautiful photos and videos, not trying to adjust a bulky tripod to get the right angle.
Taking images and videos of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and watches are as easy as rings with integrated styling accessories.
Using a second phone as the remote control means you never have to worry about shaking the camera and your videos will always be rock-solid.
An integrated control screen allows you to adjust the stage and lighting without touching the phone too.
Set it and forget it: queue up all the images and videos you want to upload at once and the app will manage them for you
Unattractive dark spots in your diamonds are a thing of the past with the below stage lighting and shadow reduction tools.
Every rotating video will be professionally centered thanks to this easy to use tool.