VDB Platform

You probably hear the word “platform” a lot these days. But we’re learning that we don’t all share the same definition of what a “platform” is! When we refer to the “VDB Platform,” we’re talking about our group of technologies used together, seamlessly, to help grow your jewelry business.

  • Firstly, it’s a TRADING Platform: Search, Source, Buy and Sell
  • Secondly, it’s a B2C MARKETING Platform: Promote, Market, Engage, Close
  • Thirdly, it’s a PRODUCTIVITY Tool: Source, Hold, Memo, Buy, and Communicate in-app with vendors
  • Finally, it’s a a 24/7 TRADESHOW Platform: More Diamonds, Gemstones, and Jewelry than Anyone – it’s the jewelry industry’s visual marketplace

Long story short, the VDB Platform is the most comprehensive platform in the jewelry industry. Even better – the VDB platform was created by jewelry industry insiders, with long history of experience in jewelry retail and wholesale.

5 Ways the VDB Platform Can Help:

  1. Connect to suppliers from around the world to search, source, match, memo, and buy.
  2. Increase your online presence and bring more footfall to your store.
  3. Easily integrate with Shopify & Magento.
  4. Have all your products all in one place.
  5. Create your own branded app using our technology.

We’re changing the game for the jewelry business. With the most comprehensive selection of diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry, customizable apps, iFrames, analytics, and Ecommerce solutions, our Platform is designed to give you the marketing, selling, and sourcing benefits your jewelry business needs to succeed.

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