Who Doesn’t Want More Time?

Everyone needs more time

If there’s one thing retail jewelers don’t have a lot of, it’s time. So anything you can do to put a little time back in your life, it’s worth it! And if you can save time and increase sales? Well, that’s just a no-brainer.

Enter the VDB App. It will save you precious time and money, while increasing sales.

Here are five ways the VDB App saves you time:

1.       Stone matching feature.  The VDB App’s software does the time-consuming work of finding matches for you – comparing thousands of item certificates to find matching stones for custom design, new product layouts, and special requests. Once the possible matches are loaded, you can use both characteristics and pictures (including 360-degree video), to flip through all the options and find a good match in minutes – seconds even! No more hoping your dealer has a good match, or shopping around from vendor to vendor to find one.

2.       Time-shift your work by using the VDB app to source diamonds, gemstones, and finished jewelry wherever and whenever you want. Make use of time waiting in line, riding in the car (passenger seat, of course!), waiting for appointments, or sitting down for a cup of coffee – you can use that time to find the perfect inventory – and it’s fun!

3.       Place hold, memo, and buy requests right within the app. Once you find what you want, just use the app to make your request! Communications about your request take place in-app too. No more dialing an office, waiting for the right person to get on the line, or waiting for someone to call you back.

4.       Stop the shipping-receiving-returning-starting-over cycle. Using the app with your client beside you, you can do a much better job of getting the right gem or diamond to your store the first time. Your client will appreciate the efficiency, and your schedule will too!

5.       Never start your search over again! You know how it goes – you just get rolling with a product search, and the phone rings . . . or a customer walks in . . . or someone needs your attention. With the VDB app, just put the last thing you were looking into a “favorites” list, and pick up later where you left off.

Of course, we mentioned “making more money” too.

So here are four ways the VDB app will help you increase your sales!

1.       Step up your point-of-sale merchandising visuals. The high-quality imagery and video in the app makes it possible to connect your smart devices and stream high-resolution video and images to your store monitors. This not only saves you money you had to spend creating digital images for display, it also shows customers actual items they can buy right away!

2.       You already know that a lot of sales success is in the follow-ups. With the VDB app, you can make in-app inquiries and stay on top of those special requests and orders. Because the faster you respond to your customer requests, the more likely you are to close the sale.

3.       Impress your customers with your sourcing prowess. Easily navigate through whatever criteria your customer desires to find exactly what they are looking for. Shape, color, size, clarity, type, vendor, brand . . . while your competitors are slogging away on the phones, you’ll be zipping through the steps of search . . .find . . . sell!

4.       Merchandise selection is the most important shopping feature for jewelry consumers, and with the VDB app you can dramatically expand your product offering without putting a dent in your budget. Virtually enhance your inventory with tens of thousands of diamonds, colored gemstones, and finished jewelry.

Of course, there are many other ways the VDB App and Platform can add value to your business and your life, but we think these 9 features are plenty to get excited about! And with all that time you’ll save, and the extra sales you’ll make, we hope that we can also contribute to your quality of life by giving you the space for a few extra-long lunches, weekend get-aways, or just an extra hour to hang out with your family.

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